Why Asset Management

Member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Because AMC is a member of Better Business Bureau (BBB), the client can rest assured that they are dealing with a nationally trusted entity.


Trust Business Model Earns Word of Mouth Referrals

  AMC’s reputation of trust, discretion and thoroughness is spread primarily through word of mouth rather than through advertising. When a company advertises, it wants potential customers to hear only the positive. When that company’s name is spread through word of mouth and firsthand experience, it has no control over the message.

  AMC has earned its good reputation through word of mouth because the clients appreciate the lengths AMC goes through to recover assets, before and during the contract with the client.


AMC is a unique auditing firm which serves its clients by focusing strictly on cash and/or cash-convertible municipal postings nationwide.

  AMC’s staff possesses literally decades of experience in many facets including building, development, auditing, and financial asset reclamation. This experience partnered with the municipal knowledge that AMC has gained through considerable investment of AMC’s own staff time and resources is second to none.

  AMC approaches the recovery of assets from a development background rather than from a legal perspective in most instances. AMC works hard to identify and recover assets for our current client base. AMC staff is fully equipped to handle all of the “leg work”, so to speak, on our clients’ behalf-whether that is through site facilitation services or the proper execution and submission of municipal paperwork.

AMC provides an involved level of service. Many times, AMC is mistaken for firms which offer much simpler services such as the recovery of unclaimed property which can include trade receivables, tax refunds held by state treasury divisions, escheated funds, or inheritances. These types of unclaimed property, as well as many others, can be uncovered and reclaimed rather easily using basic technologies.