Why Asset Management

Jerald E. Jacobs

Mr. Jacobs began in the construction industry in 1968. In 1984, he received his Class A license and simultaneously formed his own very successful building and developing firm.  AMC was born out of the last economic downturn when he discovered he left a performance bond sitting with a local municipality.  For the last 25 years Jerry has worked to return monies to the proper recipient.

Trusted Business Model

AMC approaches the recovery of assets from a builder/developer background rather than a legal perspective.  AMC works diligently to identify and recover assets for our clientele, focusing strictly on cash or cash convertible municipal postings throughout the United States.

AMC’s staff possesses literally decades of experience in many facets including building, development, auditing, data analysis and financial asset reclamation.  This experience and skill set, partnered with the municipal knowledge gained through a considerable investment of our time and resources is second to none nationwide.

Our potential client is often confused between our services and what is perceived to be our competition.  We do not pursue items such as; escheated property, trade receivables, tax refunds held by state treasury, or inheritances.

We maintain an A+ rating with BBB

We have been a proud member of the Better Business Bureau servicing the entire country for over 25 years!

Often we are mistaken for firms who offer much simpler services.  Our firm has a working relationship with all municipalities to work on our clients’ behalf resulting in millions of dollars refunded to our clients.