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Thank you for visiting the Asset Management Consultants website. AMC is a unique business which serves its client base in many facets, but most notably by recovering cash and/or cash-convertible security deposits held by municipalities nationwide. Its uniqueness stems from its ability to identify assets being maintained by government agencies. As you review our site, you will discover why you should select AMC to work on your behalf.

Who We Are

The founder of AMC, Jerald Jacobs, was in the construction and development arena for many years and learned the lessons of un-recovered assets through his own journey. Jerald Jacobs started AMC over 16 years ago to help others reclaim their assets. Since that time, AMC has undertaken over 6,000 clients nationwide.

AMC’s experienced team of professionals can assist you or your firm in a multitude of ways. We take great pride in being an integral part of the reclamation process on our clients’ behalf.

AMC uses a multi-phase process
AMC has the diligence and staffing resources to benefit our clients
AMC studies the local laws to ensure procedures are in compliance
AMC’s process is dynamic and tailored